There are a lot of different groups that help with a lot of similar work. Here is a quick list of the different organizations, where to find them, and what they do.

DWA: This is the actual Diplomacy and World Affairs Department. This website has information about the major requirements, the available classes, and the professors and faculty.

DWAMAWe are the student side of the DWA department. This website is designed to give insight into the experience of being a DWA student, and it includes a blog about what students are up to on campus, photographs, updates about events, and a blog from our seniors at the UN. For more updates about events and speakers on campus, join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

Young Initiative: The Young Initiative provides funding for student projects that relate to international affairs, as well as programming on campus. This website provides information about how to access this resource, as well as a blog about events that have been sponsored by the Young Initiative. 

McKinnon Center for Global AffairsThe McKinnon Center provides support and coordinates research, programming, conferences, curriculum, and projects related to international affairs that happen on campus, often working with the Young Initiative and the DWA department. Their website provides more information about the Center, as well as a blog highlighting recent events and important people to the program, such as speakers and professors.

International Programs Office: The IPO coordinates study abroad programs, and is also located on the ground floor of Johnson. 

Oxy at the UNThe William and Elizabeth Kahane United Nations Program sends students to internships at the UN during the first semester of their senior year. This website gives more information about the application process, and the students there will also be blogging on the DWAMA site.